Venture Studio

Launch, together with Bizz Compagnon, your startup, your spin-off or your new product or service offering.

Bizz Compagnon specializes in the creation of new ventures. The social challenges that need to be tackled and the obstacles you have to overcome in a new venture are many. We therefore believe in the complementarity that we can offer based on our experience.

We particularly enjoy this early phase - discovering and proving a new business model and building a new organization - more than growing a proven business with established processes.

By applying new and proven approaches and ideas, we effectively combine the dynamics of a startup with the necessary stability of a team and resources to build companies that may need longer roadmaps.

Are you a tech founder looking for commercial and management skills, or are you a commercial entrepreneur looking for a technical co-founder to create your product and launch your idea?
You will always feel well accompanied by Bizz Compagnon.

Current ventures, incubated in our studio

Sell it Easy

The Belgian company Sell It Easy BV is your partner for the delivery and implementation of the Merkato software suite.

Merkato is the reputed and advanced software for product and sales configuration, also known as CPQ (configuration, calculation & documentation). You can easily record your knowledge rules in Merkato, requiring no programming skills.

Your sellers, agents and dealers have immediate access to the result and can immediately get to work anywhere in the world and generate and distribute quotations and other product-related documents quickly and error-free in any desired language.

Bizz Compagnon launches the sales and implementation activities in BeLux on behalf of the Dutch Merkato Group BV.


As a specialised digital sales agency Magazena markets technical goods from EU suppliers to professional buyers in the EU-zone, using an advanced product configurator to drive not only direct sales, but to also generate cross-product sales, combining products from one supplier with the complementary products from one or more other suppliers.
Magazena cuts out non-value adding intermediaries and ensures a direct contact between the one making the product and having all product-knowledge and those integrating and installing products and bringing on the market needs.
To product suppliers Magazena offers a country-focus allowing to gain experience in a particular regional market before expanding into new territory.
Bizz Compagnon develops Magazena as a separate business activity and will spin off these activities in later stage.