Bizz Compagnon is all about

Authenticity: We know who we are and what we can do, making it easy and natural to work with customers in all honesty and openness.

Commitment: Our strength is determined by the results we achieve as a critical partner to our customers. Customer-centricity gives us time and again the only proper guidance.

Pro-activity: We think and act as a companion entrepreneur, we identify risks and opportunities and help our customers to respond appropriately.

Respect: We respect the individual and the organization, recognizing and taking into account differences, limitations and characteristics.

Result orientation: Our interventions have clear targets allowing for straight sharing and transfer of related knowledge, experience, tools and contacts.

Companies and entrepreneurs don't have to stand alone in the pursuit of better results. There is enough experience available to lend a helping hand at times when it's useful or necessary. Marc De Mey experienced this when starting and expanding his own companies. Together with other experienced entrepreneurs and specialists, he now supports fellow entrepreneurs through Bizz Compagnon.

Bizz Compagnon employs all her knowledge and skills to jump in: in difficult times, when a tilting moment presents itself, and at any other time when you require so. 

Bizz Compagnon is also connected to the following incubators and accelerators:

Since 05/02/2019, and under the name More TCC gcv, Bizz Compagnon has been registered as an official service provider under the SME scheme. Our registration number is DV.A232178.